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This Software End User License Agreement (collectively referred to herein as the "Agreement") constitutes a binding agreement between you the purchaser or trial user, and/or any other third party using the Software (collectively referred to herein as the "User"), and Retina-X Studios, LLC (collectively referred to herein as "RXS"). You should read the following terms and policies carefully before installing Staffometer (collectively referred to herein as the "Software"). If you do not agree to be bound by these policies, terms and conditions, you may not purchase or install the Software. The use of the Software is strictly prohibited unless you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


By accepting the Agreement, User agrees to only install the Software onto a device or devices owned by the User. User also agrees to inform any person(s) who uses a device with the Software installed of the presence of the Software and gain consent from said person(s) before allowing them use of the device(s) containing the Software. Failure to comply may result in User breaking state and/or federal laws. User understands that User shall be responsible for any legal costs incurred by RXS which is a direct result of User’s improper use of the Software.


User agrees that any user of monitored devices have signed an Acceptable Use Policy beforehand, which provides consent to be monitored by their employer or institution. Employees who install the software to their own personal device are also considered a User and give permission for time and location data to be shared with their employer during any time period which the employee is clocked into the app.


The Software is distributed and licensed on an "as is" basis and no warranties or guarantees of any kind are promised by RXS as to their performance, reliability or suitability to any given task. In no event shall RXS be held liable for any loss of data or ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, financial, physical, emotional or other, which might arise from its use. Federal or local law governs the use of some types of software; it is the responsibility of the User to follow such laws.


User agrees that User will comply fully with all relevant export laws and regulations applicable to you, including, without limitation, the U.S. Export Administration Regulations if User is a resident of the United States (collectively referred herein as "Export Controls"). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, User will not, and User will require User’s representatives not to, export, direct or transfer the Software, or any direct product thereof, to any destination, person or entity restricted or prohibited by the Export Controls.


If User is entering into this Agreement on behalf of any agency or instrumentality of the United States Government, the Software is "commercial computer software" and "commercial computer software documentation" and pursuant to FAR 12.212 or DFARS 227.7202, and their successors, as applicable, use, reproduction, and disclosure of the Software are governed by the terms of this Agreement.


User agrees that User will not (1) intercept, examine or otherwise observe any proprietary communications protocol used by the Software, whether through the use of a network analyzer, sniffer or other program or device; or (2) use any type of virus, clock, timer, counter, worm, bot, spider, software lock, drop dead device, Trojan-horse routing, trap door, time bomb or any other codes, instructions or third-party software that is designed to provide a means of surreptitious or unauthorized access to, or distort, delete, damage or disassemble, the Software.


The computer Software, artwork, music, and other components included in the Software product are the copyrighted property of RXS and its licensors. The Software is licensed (not sold) to User, and RXS owns all copyright, trade secret, patent and other proprietary rights in the Software. User may not: (1) copy (other than once for backup purposes), distribute, rent, lease or sublicense all or any portion of the Software; (2) modify or prepare derivative works of the Software; (3) transmit the Software over a network, by telephone, or electronically using any means, except in the course of User’s network usage of the Software over authorized networks; (4) reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software. User may not transfer the Software.


User expressly acknowledges and agrees that use of the Software is at User’s sole risk. All sales are final. We do not issue refunds for simply changing your mind. Refunds will not be given without proper troubleshooting of a problem by our technical support staff.



If User experiences technical issues with Software, we will work with User to resolve these issues in a timely manner. If these issues can't be resolved, a refund will be issued if the Software is proven defective. We reserve the right to refund an order and discontinue support and service if User is threatening us or it is determined that User is using the service for disallowed purposes. All refunds result in immediate discontinuation of service and support. All sales are final.

Any User who claims that their purchase was made in error or submitted fraudulent information will forfeit their right to any refund and will be held liable for all charges for the transaction. Our web site has built-in safeguards to stop one-click purchasing in error. Also, if you feel a purchase was made using your information, RXS requests you contact your bank to submit a fraudulent charge alert so that the bank can contact the appropriate parties to have it resolved.


Staffometer is an app that enables employees to clock in to a centralized time tracking system using a smartphone or tablet. It also gives the employer a GPS location of the device. Clock-in and clock-out times can be viewed by the employer via online control panel. Hours can be totaled and exported for payroll.

By installing, running, or using any Staffometer product or service you agree to the above Policies. In addition you agree that you will follow the Staffometer Policies at all times when using the Staffometer app or service. Failure to comply with our policies will result in the account being terminated without warning.


Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.
© 2015 Retina-X Studios, LLC. All rights reserved.

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