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Employee Time Tracking and Location Software User Guide


Online Control Panel

Staffometer is incredible employee time and location tracking technology with an easy and unique interface which works on computers or adapts to mobile device screens. This user guide helps you create an account and describes how to add a new employee, view working hours, break hours, billable amount, view reports, receive notifications and more.
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Setup Account
Follow the steps below to create an account.
  • Using your web browser, go to the registration page at
  • Enter an email address to use for your Staffometer account and password of your choice. (Note: The password must contain between 4 - 10 characters each. DO NOT USE spaces or special characters except !@#$ %^*() _).
  • Enter your Company Name and the Captcha Code.
  • Choose 7 Day Trial or I have a License Key.
  • Enter 16 digit license key you received via email after purchase.
  • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use.
  • Now click Submit to finish your registration.
Once you complete your registration, the next screen suggests that you login to your account. Follow the steps below to login to the Staffometer online control panel:

Above you will see what the interface looks like after you have added at least one employee. Before you add employees you will see a welcome page which instructs you to add employees.

The overview page will give you a quick glance at time and location information. Select an employee from the dropdown menu to view details about a single employee in the control panel.

Add Employee
To begin time and location tracking, billing calculations and reports, you need to add employees into your account.
To add employees:
  • Go to Settings > Employee Management > Add Employee
  • Enter employee details and upload a photo.
  • Enter employee hourly rate and billing calculation from the drop-down menu > click Add.
  • After you add an employee, they will be automatically sent an email from us stating that you have requested that they install Staffometer, which is a free app for them to download on their smartphone. They will be aware that time and location information is sent back to your account. They will be given a link to a User Guide for employees. You can see the Android version or iPhone version employee guides.


Calculate Billing Options

By Minute - The minute option has no rounding rule. The wage calculation is based on a number of minutes an employee worked multiplied by the hourly rate. For example: If an employee has worked for 8.16 hours and the hourly rate is $20, then the paid amount will be $163.20.
By Quarter - The quarter option applies a rounding rule for time keeping. The wage calculation applies up-rounding of time, the work minutes of an employee will be rounded to the next quarter. If an employee works for 8.01 hours, the calculation applies up-rounding rule. The employee will be paid for 8.25 hours instead of 8 hours or 8.01 hours. For example: If an employee works for 8.26 hours, he or she will be paid for 8.50 hours.
By Half-Hour - The half-hourly option rounds up the work hours to the nearest half-hour. If an employee works for 8.01 hours, the calculation applies up-rounding rule. The employee will be paid for 8.50 hours instead of 8 hours or 8.01 hours.
By Hour - The hourly option rounds up the work hours to the next hour. If an employee works for 8.01 hours, the calculation applies up-rounding rule. The employee will be paid for 9 hours instead of 8 hours or 8.01 hours.

Location History
The Location History option allows you to view the employee's location details in various formats. To track the location, be sure your employee enables their GPS location services..

On the Location History page:

  • To view the location history on a map, choose Map View.
  • To view the location history with dates, choose List View > select date range.
  • To download location history, choose Export and select a format option from the drop-down menu. You can export details in XLS, PDF, CSV and TXT format.

The notifications area shows an alert every time any employee checks in or out. To view the notifications, go to Notifications > Select Date.

You can also view notifications by clicking the bell icon at the top of the interface as shown below.

The reports section gives you details of an employee's billable amount, clock in and out times and locations, break details and employee information. To view, click a report type in your account.

Employee Billable Amount Report
The report displays the billable amount for each employee, including employee’s designation, hourly rate, break hours, billable hours and amount.

  • To view the billable amount for an employee, select Employee Billable Amount Report > Select period.
  • To download the information, click Export > select a format from the drop-down menu.

Check In / Check Out Reports
This report shows employee check in/out times, locations, break hours and employee information.

Employee Details
View and export employee details including employee ID, employee designation, hourly rate, device details and activation date.

Change Password
To change the password of your Staffometer admin account:

  • Go to Settings > Account Information > Change Password.
  • Enter Old Password > New Password > Confirm Password.
  • Click Save.

Add License
To add more devices, you need to purchase more licenses and add them to your account. To add a new license to your existing account:

  • Go to the utility navigation bar > License Info > Add License.
  • Enter the license key > Submit.

Admin Account Information
View and manage your account information here. You can update your display photo and company name. To make changes or to view your account details, go to Settings > Account Information > Account Info. Or go to the utility navigation bar > Account Info.

Staffometer employee time-tracking app.